Monday, 1 July 2013

My last day of design work (for a while at least!)

Well last week was very emotional for me. It was time for me to finish my work and start my maternity leave. 
I do love my two regular freelance design jobs and Wednesday I had to say goodbye to the Quarto Children's team. They gave me a great send off with a box of mummy smellies, a chocolate cake and a nice pub lunch. Plus an awesome, lovingly made, hand cut leaving card (see below). 
Friday I finished my work at Harper Collins Children's books and also had another lovely send off. They bought me a fab six month subscription to Molly Makes magazine, flowers, cake and also an awesome card with a design adjustment to a cover that I had designed a while ago! It was adapted from Lettuce the dancing rabbit, down to the detail of a rather pregnant rabbit's belly (see below).
I have been very lucky to have been freelancing for 8 years and spent much of my freelance time in these two companies. The work has been great and the people even better, so I will definitely miss the daily chats and buzz.
For now though, it's time for me to take a break and concentrate on my soon to be new arrival. I guess my little boy will be the ultimate design creation I have ever made...
So watch this space!